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Web Services
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DCRE Labs Published Price List for 2024

Note: All terms subject to negotiation, depending on the size and specific needs of your initial site. Our pricing models are designed to meet your business needs, regardless your organization size. Due to our mission statement, we also offer deep discounts for educational research, community outreach and startup companies.

New Site Setup - $150-$800 (One time fee)


  • Initial domain setup/registration for 1 year
  • Basic Email setup (5 mailboxes, redirected or web-host mail access)
  • Basic site setup: 1. Banner page with graphic logo, common navigation bar
    2. About page: Organization overview
    3. Products page: Product lists, data sheets, price/part sheet/downloadable files
    4. Contact page: Customer support page w/ interactive map
    5. News: Updates, press releases, recent activities and developments
    6. 1 Additional page/area off main navigation bar
    7. Standard CSS functions (rollovers, font configurations, page layout, etc.)
  • Additional services (graphic art work, web applications, extensive forms, etc.) will be billed separately.

Site transfer - $300 (One time fee)


  • Assistance with domain/DNS transfer/update
  • Initial transfer of current website files, graphics, etc.
  • General site refresh, touch ups, minor corrections

Additional Services and Options

Note: All monthly services include daily backups, weekly backup files available via FTP or CDROM/DVD, 24x7 monitoring, email/phone website support and 1 hour/mo site updates/scripting included for basic maintenance.

  • Web hosting (Monthly)
    • $50/mo -- Low volume/static site
      Ex: 1-40 pages, low content/low volume (online brochure)
    • $100/mo -- Dynamic/volume site
      Ex: 1-4 web applications, audio/video content
    • $150/mo -- Hosted application/service site
      Ex: web-based games, high traffic forums, dedicated/high availability streaming
    • $200/mo -- High traffic/High Availability sites Mbr> Ex: E-commerce, file storage, etc. (redundancy, failover, premium security)

  • Server support (As needed) $40/hr - Web site updates (layout, content refresh, etc.)
    $40/hr - Podcast/RSS Feed support and maintenance
    $60/hr - Audio Production/studio
    $40/hr - Transcription Services
    $60/hr - Program Management/Project Consulting Services
    $70/hr - Video Production/studio
    $80/hr - Web-based PHP/Perl Design & Scripting
    $80/hr - General IT support (Hosted servers)
    $120/hr - General IT support (on-site services)
    $100/hr - Database Support (design, administration)
       Note: Does not include data entry

  • Site options (Monthly) $20/mo: Secure login system ( < 10 users)
    $30/mo: Secure login system ( < 400 users)
    (TBD): Secure login system ( > 400 users)

    $20/mo: Web-based mail system ( 5-49 users)
    $30/mo: Web-based mail system ( 50-150 users)
    (TBD): Web-based mail system ( +150 users)

    $20/mo: Forums (unmoderated)
    $80/mo: Forums (DCRE Labs moderated)

    For more information, please contact our web services client support group at support@dcre-labs.com or by calling our Design Group at 1-866-747-2739.

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