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DCRE Philosophy DCRE Labs started as a group of Unix System Administrators who saw system administration as a collection of abilities ranging from user support to hardware design to software development and programming.
Our team is not the typical web-based development company. We do not want to host every page on the Internet, sell ISP services nor make our fortunes in three years or less. We are different because we actually like computers, we understand what we're doing and we enjoy overcoming the challenges our customers bring to us.
At DCRE Labs, we don't want to give you the same solutions to the same problems that everyone else offers. We've seen the wheel and we're okay with design. But, ask us to develop something new or bring us a problem we've never seen solved (and others say can't be solved) and you have our undivided attention, enthusiasm and effort.
The various groups working at DCRE Labs have been brought together because they have a wide array of skills, an interest to use them and a surprising dislike of the mundane. We've all been system administrators, we've all paid the bills writing web pages and building web sites and we've all done the same old thing. Now, with DCRE Labs, we work on the new things, the unknown and the as yet unrealized. Along the way, we have developed many useful systems and solutions for our customers who are happy to bring us the next impossibility. So, if you are looking for a high-talent, diverse and professional group to solve your needs, feel free to contact us at DCRE Labs.
Our Philosphy: At DCRE Labs, we make it work, whether it could or not.
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