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Question: What is DCRE Labs?
Answer: DCRE Labs is "a full-service technology solutions provider."
Say What?
DCRE Labs specializes in taking everyday business problems and solving them with technology. This may involve hardware, custom programming/software, or other technology solutions. Our "sweet spot" is custom solutions for complex businesses, expediting processes with improved technology. DCRE Labs has specialized expertise and extensive experience in project management for mission-critical IT needs as well as security systems, disaster recovery, systems design and implementation, and custom programming, web-based as well as server-side platforms.
What this means to you, as a customer, is that we're your technology solutions provider, from start to finish. We don't expect you to know which software you need or have a detailed specification document describing your requirements; we expect you to know what the problem looks like and what the ideal solution should be able to do. What you can expect from us is knowing what technology can and cannot do -- and then coming up with a solution to bridge the gap.
How we can help is when you come to us with a business problem that you think can be made better with technology. We'll work with you and figure out how we think the problem should be solved, including the hardware and software needs. If the right hardware or software doesn't exist yet, we'll build it; if it does, we'll make it work. Then we'll install and test it all, train you on how to use it, and let you get back to doing your business. Of course, we'll be on call to maintain and repair things going forward, but a true solution is something the customer can manage on their own, once things is up and running.
Put another way, DCRE Labs is a solutions provider that just happens to use technology really well.
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